Micro Review: The Hobbit — An Unexpected Journey


Far from living up to its name, The Hobbit is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Peter Jackson; a long-winded, entertaining journey painted with stunning visual effects and extreme attention to detail. The first half is fraught with superfluous scenes, spawning pacing issues that the second half struggles, and ultimately fails, to overcome. Even with its problems this initial installment of The Hobbit gets a passing grade (B), it just lacks the magical elements that made me love the book — namely innocence and brevity.


2 thoughts on “Micro Review: The Hobbit — An Unexpected Journey

    • Thanks!

      I agree that there were some amazing scenes. Golm stole the show once again. And you’re right that it works as the first chapter of a trilogy. I guess that my main complaint is that the source material doesn’t warrant a trilogy. In fact, my opinion is that Tolkien meant the book as sort of an antithesis of a trilogy and went out of his way to make it short and sweet.

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