A Blog Post About Blogging for an Entire Year

I have done my level best to not blog about blogging, but sooner or later it was bound to happen. Today is the one year anniversary of this blog, named after its author and curator, Philip Chiappini — me. It took me quite a while to get into the groove of blogging. Sometimes I would write three posts a week, and other times it would take me three weeks to publish one. However, I’ve gotten into a groove of one post a week, and I am really enjoying it.

I started this blog, as I said in my first post (which is kind of pretentious now that I read it again), to practice the art of writing. I have always loved writing — I recently dug up some short stories that I penned as a teen and nearly posted them here, until I though better of it. Though I wrote many research papers for college, I got out of the habit of creative writing and this has been a great forum for practicing technique that I can put into more formal authoring projects, one of which I hope to publish early next year. You might disagree, but I feel that I have become a better writer in the last year. This is partly because I wan’t that great to begin with and mostly because of great feedback from my small but loyal readership. I really do appreciate you and hope for more constructive criticism in the future.

Being that this is one-year anniversary of this little journey, I thought I would do a little highlight reel:

  • My most popular post was by far, Remembering the Emotions of 9/11. Thanks to some cross pollination from my wife’s mommy blog.
  • My least popular post was A Poet, I Am Not, in which I shared a rather depressing poem out of my journal. Don’t worry. I’m not planning on putting any more poetry on this blog.
  • My personal favorites are, Family. Isn’t it about… Blackmail? and Help Your Local Hipster; the first because it really demonstrates what is was like growing up in my family, and the second because it was extremely fun to write.

In conclusion I would like to again say thanks for reading and commenting. I would still be writing these posts whether anybody read them or not, but it is nice to have people to share my thoughts and experiences with.

Let me know what your favorite posts have been and, if you have any topic suggestions, feel free to share them. I’ve got crazy opinions on any subject and I am always looking for challenging topics to tackle.


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