Movie Review: Real Steel ★★ 1/2

It’s not everyday that a civilian such as myself gets to see a major motion picture before its release date. So when I got the chance to see an advanced screening of Real Steel on Microsoft’s dime I jumped at the chance. Well, I shouldn’t say that “I jumped at the chance.” I just didn’t turn it down.

I wish I could say I was completely surprised and that Real Steel is going to be an Oscar underdog. But alas, it lives up to the expectations of a movie who’s premise asks, “What if Rock ‘Em Shock ‘Em Robots were life sized?” and explains this premise by saying that spectators tastes got so violent as to only be satisfied by robot carnage.

However, I am not the target audience for such a film. To be truly appreciated, Real Steel needs to be viewed by 12 year-old boys. In fact, the most entertaining sequences of the film were the ones that brought me back to the time when I too might daydream of controlling a giant robot – the only film that remotely satisfied this fantasy for my generation was Robot Jox, and it completely sucked. That being said, Real Steel got me excited for the day when I can take my own son to the movies, so I would recommend it to anyone looking for a boy’s night out with their son(s) — or anyone needing an Evangeline Lilly fix.

All said and done, I did have a great time at the showing of Real Steel and would like to thank Microsoft, the bing division in particular, for the opportunity. 


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