Help your local hipster.

It’s got to be hard to be a hipster. Constantly cycling through society’s discarded ideas in search of that overlooked gem, only for it to be adopted by the masses, watered down, and finally discarded again. Some recent examples include: mustaches, fixed-gear bikes, suspenders, monocles, irony, and snuff. Don’t mistake my tone, I am not poking fun. I appreciate hipsters and all that they do for society. I enjoy all of the aforementioned items, baring snuff, and I probably wouldn’t if someone else hadn’t taken the risk of recycling them. I may be an early-adopter but I am nowhere near cool enough to be a hipster, so I need their help if I am going to stay ahead of the game.

Again, it has got to be hard to be a hipster, time consuming at the very least. So, I think we should help them out when we can. If you come across some old phenomenon that didn’t quite make it to the “classic” stage, pass it on to your hipster friends and let them try it on for size. If you don’t have any hipster friends you’re either already a hipster yourself or you’re hopeless and should probably just give up on life in general.

The last of my brother's once glorious laserdisc collection.

My first suggestion: laserdiscs. Everyone and their dog has a collection of vinyls these days, but how surprised would you be if you walked into a friend’s flat and, instead of a record collection, you were greeted by an assortment of laserdiscs? Not just any collection, but one that included all of Hitchcock’s films (all Criterion), The Godfather Parts I and II (the third film would be purposefully excluded) and a few oddballs to keep it fresh (Weekend at Bernie’s). I think you’d be genuinely impressed. I know I would!

Reciprocity people; that’s what it’s all about. Hipsters try out all the cool stuff so that you don’t have to take the risk. We all need them, and even though they probably won’t admit it, I think they need us too. So how about it? Can you help your local hipster?


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