Rules for Tools: #4 – You Are What You Wear

And now it’s time for a segment that I like to call Rules for Tools! I often witness people say or do things that make me think, “What a tool!” As judgmental as this my sound, I don’t mean it to be. I accept that I am just as often the culprit of douche baggery as I am the witness. I simply think it’s fun to point it out sometimes. Please feel free to comment below and share what makes you feel this way.

Rule #4: You are what you wear

You are what you wear. While it might be more literally true that “you are what you eat,” perception is reality. Ergo, if society perceives a person to be a tool, he is. What would make one person perceive another as a tool? Two things come to mind: actions and looks.

This rule fits into the looks category. The first thing that we notice about others is the way they look; including they way they dress. This has nothing to do with fashion. Dress however you want, but be forewarned! If you dress to standout, specifically because you think you are cooler than everyone else, you will be branded a tool. Then, in the grips of a self fulfilling prophesy, you will begin to act like a complete douche.

I can’t think of any exceptions to this rule, sorry.

Ed Hardy Shirt

Ed Hardy has got to be translated as "Douche Bag" in some language!

What a tool!


2 thoughts on “Rules for Tools: #4 – You Are What You Wear

  1. You are so right. It’s funny, I was planning to leave a remark about “The Situation” and his Jersey Shore crowd before I even scrolled down and saw the pic in your post. Did you hear that Abercrombie has offered him money NOT to wear their clothes?

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