James Bond will return in…

It looks like all the pieces will soon be in place for the next James Bond film to begin shooting. Daniel Craig is onboard. The next Bond Girl is being vetted and the villain has pretty much been picked. However, that leaves one important piece of the puzzle; the opening credits theme song. This too is close to being locked down. Rumor has it that an unreleased Amy Winehouse song might be used to set the mood for Bond’s next outing.  

We all have our favorite Bond, Bond Girl and Bond Car. However, an important aspect of Bond films not often discussed is the opening credits theme. As a 12 year-old the naked lady silhouettes made the opening credits my favorite part of the experience. In retrospect they are really no better than the mud flaps on a Peter Built, but what can I say. Now that I am older, I can still recall the lyrics of all the songs and they bring back some great memories (not off naked silhouettes, but of watching movies with my older brother). I look forward to the opening credits just as much as any other aspect of the films. These songs, often combined with fantastic graphic design, set the tone for the rest of the movie and are a major part of the James Bond Experience. Here are my top 5 James Bond opening credit theme songs: (you can preview them here)

  1. Live and Let Die performed by Paul McCartney & Wings for Live and Let Die
  2. Nobody Does it Better performed by Carly Simon for The Spy Who Loved Me
  3. For Your Eyes Only performed by Sheena Easton for For Your Eyes Only
  4. You Know My Name performed by Chris Cornell for Casino Royale
  5. A View to a Kill performed Duran Duran for A View to a Kill

What is your favorite James Bond theme song?

Oh, and just for the record here is my favorite Bond, Bond Girl, and Bond Car.

Roger Moore: I think he did best at "keeping the British end up."

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. I prefer the scenes where she wasn't plastered with makeup.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage from The Living Daylights, it just looks mean!


6 thoughts on “James Bond will return in…

  1. I’d have to say Dalton in The Living Daylights is my favorite Bond w/ Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only a close second. I like the harder-edged, less comical characterizations. Fav car — Lotus Esprit in FYEO.

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