Pump Up the Peculiar: What I’ve been spinning lately

Lately I have really been into Neo Soul, R&B and Funk. I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite tracks. Hopefully you will hear something new and enjoyable. Feel free to give me some recommendations if you have any.

I tried for weeks to figure out a way to share this playlist in its entirety, but alas, it’s not meant to be. But you can click here to preview the entire playlist in iTunes.

  1. Never Gonna Give You Up – The Black Keys
    • From my favorite album of 2010, this track started me down the path to the rest of these artists.
  2. A Woman – JJ Grey & Mofro
    • A little bit of Southern Soul never hurt anybody. At least not that I know of.
  3. Femme Fatale – Aloe Blacc
    • I like this cover much better than the original Velvet Underground version and Aloe Blacc just reeks of style.
  4. Rumor Has It – Adele
    • I know that Adele is on the road to being played out, but this song is good, really good!
  5. She Said – Plan B
    • This entire album is good. I just picked the song I felt fit best in this playlist (special thanks to KEXP for introducing me to this band).
  6. Radio – Raphael Saadiq
    • Raphael is pure genius. Not many artists are able to have such a strong retro style and still feel completely new.
  7. Go-Go Gadget Gospel – Gnarles Barkley
    • Cee Lo’s recent surge in popularity aside, his days with Gnarls Barkley will always be my favorite (note – the title of this blog post comes from this track).
  8. Space Traveler – Dennis Coffey
    • From the legendary Funk Brothers, Dennis Coffey is a master of the Wah-Wah pedal, making him fit in perfectly here.

Bonus Tracks – No playlist of this sort would be complete without these next two artists

  1. James Brown – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
    • “He’s doing the Monkey, the Mashed Potatoes. Jump back Jack. See you later, alligator.” Enough said.
  2. Ray Charles – What’d I Say Parts I & II
    • This is simply one of the greatest American recordings of all time. Don’t even try to argue.


Update: I have started a room on turntable.fm. Come check it out and help me DJ. It is really fun.


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