My Favorite Product of 2010

The internet and TV are currently inundated with year end lists. iTunes has it’s best album, Barbara Walters her most fascinating people, and there are plenty of tech blogs listing their favorite devises. Looks like it is all covered. Not quite! I haven’t chimed in yet. Normally my favorite product would fit into one of the tech blog’s lists, but this year I came across a personal hygiene item that I am really excited about.

Although released long before 2010, I found CertainDri this fall. I am not ashamed to say that I sweat more than the average guy. After reading on the internet I found that I am no where near as bad off as some unfortunate souls. Never the less, I found that excessive sweat was often dictating my wardrobe decisions  and causing some self-conciousness. I have tried most brands of deodorant/anti-persperant and even the new “clinical strength” products are not up to snuff. My problems were easily solved the day that I tried CertainDri.

A true anti-persperant, CertainDri is an odorless, tasteless, clear liquid (like iocane powder for your armpits) that is applied nightly to the underarms. During the night it shrinks the pores essentially cutting off the sweat glands. Your body compensates by simply releasing the sweat through the thousands of other pores on your body so there is no health risk. In the morning you can shower as normal because your body has already absorbed the liquid.

I will admit that the sensation was strange the first night I used it. “Imagine being way, way too dry!” (one of my favorite South Park quotes). After two or three nights the sensation faded, along with any excessive sweating problems I had! Since then I have been able to wear anything I want. Very liberating! Also, after about a weeks use, I have found that I don’t even need to use it every night.

The three main benefits I have found from using CertainDri are:

  1. I don’t have to layer as much, and I don’t have to over-wash my shirts.
  2. Although I have never had a problem with odor, now my deodorant doesn’t clash with my cologne and I can smell exactly how I want.
  3. CertainDri is cheap! It costs about the same as regular deodorant, but last 3 times as long.

They offer several other products; morning refresh sticks and even underarm pads for people with extreme cases. I have had no need to try these other products, but I am sure that they are just as good.

In conclusion, CertainDri is my favorite product of 2010 because it has really changed my life. That may sound silly to some, but I really recommend it for everyone. Even those without a sweating problem could benefit from such a quality product. It can be found at Fred Meyer, Target, Safeway and Bartell Drug. I really suggest you give it a try!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Product of 2010

  1. I love reviews! Thanks Philip!
    I don’t really have a sweating problem, but this might be worth a try. Maybe Mike would like some. Especially in the summer!
    Are you sure they didn’t pay you to talk up their product? 🙂

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