A Notebook With Infinite Pages and Possibilities

Sadly enough, this is not my first attempt at creating a blog. My wife created a family blog for us just after we married which I failed to adequately contribute to. It has since turned into a ‘mommy blog’ that I am no longer welcome on. I created two different blogs for college projects because I found that aged teachers were easily impressed with concept of blogging. I never updated either of them after the classes were over. Lastly, I created a concept blog where I planned on posting as a schizophrenic writing letters to the woman that he loved but was too afraid to confront (later, that woman would have turned out to be one of his own personalities in a “Lady Hawk” plot twist). That one didn’t work out either.

This site will be different. I can confidently say that because I am looking at blogging from a completely different perspective. Well, at least  different to me. I am going to treat this like a notebook. I love notebooks. My wife can attest to this fact. I am constantly purchasing new ones. I have gone to Borders simply to look at notebooks and journals knowing that I was not going to actually buy. I think the reason that I like them so much is that a new notebook, with its crisp lined pages and new book smell, has infinite possibilities for creativity. What will I fill it with? Will it be a personal journal, or just full of random ideas? Will I use it to take notes while I study, or will I just doodle in it?

This blog will be a notebook with infinite pages and infinite possibilities where I can practice doing something that I love, writing. For the last few years I have only had time to write papers and essays for college. I enjoyed that experience and it did sharpen my skills in technical writing. Now I have a little bit of time to write for myself and I realize that when it comes to creative writing, I still need all the practice I can get.

I suppose that only a handful of people will read this blog; probably just family and maybe a few friends. That is just fine by me. I do hope that whomever reads here will give me good feedback that I might improve. It is also my hope that those that read and follow this blog will be entertained and get to know me a little bit better.


6 thoughts on “A Notebook With Infinite Pages and Possibilities

  1. Hey Philip! Of course I will follow you! I am a huge book/writing fan and would love to read whatever you write! I look forward to shoving in my commentary! 🙂
    Hey! How come you are not a follower of mine ding-dong! Get on that!

  2. Its hereditary. I just bought three, they came packaged, purple page legal pads just cause I like to write on legal pads. Why purple? Just seemed like the thing to do!

    Now to find that perfect writing instrument!

    Did you know that the great apostasy started in the 1st century. What is called the Dark Ages is not the apostasy but the result of apostasy?

    I’m reading two things/books. Paradise Lost on the iPod and Early Christians in Disarray, edited by Noel B. Reynolds the houbgoub chair of the department of something or another @ BYU. Yep, I really am.

    Keep at it! Maybe you’ll get Rest Area 51 right, the next time…..

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